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The Freemansburg Police Department serves a community of approximately 3,000 residents. The Police department is staffed with officers who display professionalism, who place a great emphasis on community policing, traffic enforcement, and deterrence of criminal activity within the borough. The department is undergoing changes in order to maintain our current excellent quality of life in the borough and to keep up with the needs of our residents. I take pride in serving the residents of the Borough of Freemansburg and welcome you to contact me by mail, phone, or email.

<--Police Chief Jonathan Itterly receiving his
Police Chief Badge from Mayor Yob.
May 3rd, 2016

Chief Jonathan Itterly being -->
sworn in by Mayor Yob.
May 3rd, 2016

New police vehicles obtained through Northampton County Gaming Grants


Ordinance No. 399-Refuse

ORD.# 2019 - 002 - Weight Restriction Main St.

ORD.# 2016 - 004 - Neighborhood Improvement Ordinance - Adopted 11/1/16

ORD. #141 - Health and Nuisance Ordinance

ORD.# 2015 - 005 - Parking of Obstructions Ordinance - Adopted 9/1/15

ORD.# 2017 - 001 - Open Burning and Air Pollution Control - Adopted 6/6/17

ORD.# 8 - 02 - Excessive Noise Ordinance - Adopted 10/21/02

Ordinance 2020-003 Parking Regulations N and S Oak Streets

Ordinance 2020-005 Parking at Municipal Building Lot

House Check Form

Police Officers

Jonathan Itterly, Chief of Police

Corporal Stacy Smith, Full Time Officer

Mauro Conte, Full Time Officer

Ahmed Elkadousy, Full Time Officer

Ray Mead, Desk Clerk\Officer

Jeff Farneski

Richard Weichand

Martin Ramirez

Victor Alpizar

James DeLeone Jr.

Darius Santiago

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